Tanner's 4E campaign

Orcs of Stonefang Pass (Part 1)

On our way to the Anvil to get to Thunderspire Mountain we found a small town called Timbervale. There we went to the Knothole Inn where we met a dwarf by the name of Rangrim. We decided to help him and his clan. He wanted us to go to Stonefang Pass and try to defeat the Severed Eyes orcs. Rangrim gave us some gold to shop in the markets before we left for our adventure. Before we left we met a dwarf named Flinka. She wanted us to retrieve the sending stone and we accepted. We sent out on our adventure and we came across a bridge where hippogriffs and archer fish attacked us. It was a long battle but we defeated them.

The Dark Heart of the Woods

Today we traveled to the Wichiniwek Forest. On our way to reach the forest we encountered some wood elves and wolves which were not very kind. After defeating them a minotaur named Golden Hawk appeared and he took us back to Wichiniwek Forest to meet with the chief. We talked to the chief about trying to help with the forest since it’s depleting. We stayed the night and in the morning the leader gave us a gift to use once we got about a mile away from the village. After we traveled the mile we opened the gift which was fey powder. We had to take it to help guide us to the White Horn Mausoleum. Once we took the powder everything seemed very different from the human world as if we were on a high. Panthers came to attack us, we defeated them all. After defeating them we arrived at the White Horn Mausoleum where we entered. In the crypt we encountered zombies and an imp which were all defeated. After killing them all we decided to rest in the crypt for the night. The next day we traveled through the woods and found The Shining Grove. We fought orcs and defeated them. After rummaging through The Shining Grove we found a letter about slaves and some minotaur bones in the woods. We brought the letter and a minotaur horn back to the chief. After the chief read the letter he wanted us to go to Thunderspire Mountain to investigate the slavery that is going on.

The Serpent And The Shield

Before traveling to the city Port Sapphire, Earl decided to leave our group with a ten year old boy he met. On out way to Port Sapphire we fought bandits and Strix was welcomed to our team. When we reached the city there was a fight at an inn where the disciples of ash entered and we killed them. We talked to the Sulton who was a dragon and we sent out on our quest to find The Unbreaking Shield. We traveled through the catacombs and fought skeletons and went through the Drowned Cove and fought many enemies. After we finished them we encountered some pirates on ship, which we slaughtered. We took the goblin’s ship to the Hades where we encountered some more enemies on a boat. They put up a fight but we managed to defeat them all and obtained the Unbreaking Shield. We took their ship and started towards Port Sapphire. We encountered guards who were sailing that escorted us back to Port Sapphire to talk to the Sultan. The Sultan rewarded us with gold and asked us to assist The Minotaurs of Wichiniwek Forest, which we accepted.

The Slaying Stone

The players entered the city of Kiris Dahn and managed to outsmart wererats, goblins, kobolds, orcs, and even a dragon, and managed to secure The Slaying Stone for Treona, who destroyed it. She sent the adventurers to gain an audience with the Sultan of Port Sapphire, who is looking to acquire additional items that were created by the Architects of Victory.

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