Tanner's 4E campaign

The Serpent And The Shield

Before traveling to the city Port Sapphire, Earl decided to leave our group with a ten year old boy he met. On out way to Port Sapphire we fought bandits and Strix was welcomed to our team. When we reached the city there was a fight at an inn where the disciples of ash entered and we killed them. We talked to the Sulton who was a dragon and we sent out on our quest to find The Unbreaking Shield. We traveled through the catacombs and fought skeletons and went through the Drowned Cove and fought many enemies. After we finished them we encountered some pirates on ship, which we slaughtered. We took the goblin’s ship to the Hades where we encountered some more enemies on a boat. They put up a fight but we managed to defeat them all and obtained the Unbreaking Shield. We took their ship and started towards Port Sapphire. We encountered guards who were sailing that escorted us back to Port Sapphire to talk to the Sultan. The Sultan rewarded us with gold and asked us to assist The Minotaurs of Wichiniwek Forest, which we accepted.


Earl is so gay

The Serpent And The Shield

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